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06-10: A different perspective on sleeping, crying and eating for babies




Get introduced to the latest science-based approach to babies with sleep, crying and feeding problems. None other than the Australian researcher and author Pamela Douglas will grieve a webinar on October the 6th about the Possums & Co program she developed.

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Its methodology, the official name is Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC), was developed on the basis of 15 years of research. It introduces a vastly different way of conceptualizing and treating problems in young children. Pamela, for example, tells us that problems in young children in the field of sleeping, crying and nutrition are inextricably connected. They continually influence one another. We have to look at that integrally and do so from multiple disciplines.

Pamela will explain this way of working in the coming webinar, especially for¬†IMH Nederland and¬†Vakblad¬†Vroeg. A unique opportunity to ask her your question.¬†For example, she says:¬†‚ÄúThe logic is that babies don‚Äôt need to be taught to sleep ‚Äď if their other needs are taken care of, they‚Äôll simply take the sleep they need.‚Ä̬†Pamela has written the book ‚ÄėThe discontented little baby‚Äô¬†which is praised for its fresh outlook and research-based interventions are appreciated by both professionals and laymen.

This webinar is interesting for lactation consultants, preverbal speech therapists, youth health employees, psychologists, pedagogues, medical pedagogical care providers, infant mental health consultants and specialists, practice nurses at the general practitioner, general practitioners, pediatricians, and youth doctors.

Thursday morning, October the 6th, from 9.30 am ‚Äď 11 am

Vakblad Vroeg & IMH Nederland

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Dr Pamela Douglas is an Australian gp, lactation consultant and an international leader in infant care. She is a writer and researcher, with special interest in perinatal mental health and breastfeeding medicine. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Douglas has published the scientific basis for the programs known as Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC, also Milk & Moon and the Possums programs). 

NDC offers a paradigm shift in dealing with babies with sleep, crying and feedingproblems. Her groundbreaking work is detailed in thirty international research publications and in her bestseller The Discontented Little Baby Book. She is founder and medical director of Possums & Co., which aims to make NDC an available choice for all parents and health professionals.




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